Synapsint, OSINT easily

Moises Garciaguirre
3 min readOct 22, 2020

Synapsint is a tool that allows you to collect information from different open sources on the Internet about a target such as a domain, an IP address, an email, a phone number and a Bitcoin wallet. home page

“an unified OSINT research tool” , this is a unification of multiple tools that provide enough information on these objectives, truthful information that can be used to carry out a very good investigation, to make a test of this, let’s take as objective the Microsoft page and click Go !.

Summary tab

As we can see, the Summary tab shows a series of cards with information regarding the objective, in the first row you can see the domain name that we are analyzing and its IP address, in the next row there is a card with the title of Meta Analysis where the meta tags are shown title, description keywords and author found on the site. The VirusTotal Analysis card shows information about a scan made to the target, where the scan date appears, the number of positives found for the scan, and the total number of antiviruses used to scan the target.

In the next tabs we can see a lot more information about the network like the protocols, services, vulnerabilities, also same ip domains, whois, subdomains, DNS records, Technologies, pastes, Blacklist and links.

Subdomain tab
Blacklist tab

Note: Information with blue colors is obtained based on domain, and information with green colors is obtained based on IP. therefore, when doing an analysis exclusively to an IP address with the tool, the results that the tool shows will be similar to this one.

Synapsint also allows the search of emails taking as reference various tools and leaks that have been placed in pastebin or other sources, so if an account is found, it will appear in that search. We tried a known email account and clicked Go !.

email account info 1
email account info 2
email account info 3

The Phone numbers tab helps us to find information on a target using their phone number, and the Bitcoins tab shows info about the bitcoin Address and search in a large database of bitcoin addresses used by ransomware, blackmailers, fraudsters and other criminals.

Bitcoin address search

Well, that is a basic approach to the tool, you can see that it shows a lot of important information about a target, I hope it will be useful to you.

Happy search!